Garage Keepers Insurance
Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Business!
Garage Owners Liability insurance covers automobiles owned by the business, but it does not cover customers' cars that are left in the care of the shop. That sort of coverage is known as garage keepers' insurance. Garage keepers' insurance is usually sold with garage liability policies, but it is still a separate contract. So, if you are the owner of a service center and someone who applied for employment claimed discrimination, or a customer slipped and fell or claimed faulty parts or service, you would be covered.

We have garage keepers insurance plans for independent auto repair shops and special programs for auto repair franchise owners. Our plans can also be packaged as a BOP / business owners package and include workers compensation insurance, building insurance, disability and retirement plans for you.

No agent will visit your shop all plans are quoted with online forms to save you premium money.  Auto repair, Auto Body, mobile auto repair, motorcycle repair and Auto dealerships, we have plans for you.
You want to be in a position to provide coverage regardless of legal liability, if anything should happen to your customer's vehicle while it is in your care, custody or control. Some contracts allow you to control the claim, in cases where you are not legally liable, and decide yourself which claims you wish your insurance company to pay. Protect the second-largest investment that most of your customers will make in their lifetimes, your business, your employees and your assets

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